best fan experience?



oh man, probably vidcon (both years.)  getting to meet you guys all over the place and giving hugs and love (and playing cards!) for three days is so great.  i don’t know if i will ever have this experience again since i wasn’t invited to playlist and vidcon is seeming less likely this year (and i’ve never been invited to leakycon so that seems unlikely too), so i cherish the memories from vidcon so much.  you guys are just great.

i also loved around vidcon this year and christmas this year when i was shopping at anthro and lush that i ran into squares while shopping.  Farrah at anthro at the topanga mall truly stands out since i was still recovering from surgery and in my wheelchair and she made my experience so great, and when asking my name for a dressing room she was like “OMG I KNEW IT!!!! Squaresville is SO GREAT and I’m going to vidcon too!” and since i was stressing out about it (i.e. the whole walking/recovery thing), it just made me more excited to feel better to see you guys!


Squaresville- Episode 1, Nerds On The Run

Here is the very first episode of Squaresville. I’m going to be starting the series over again for my millionth time and I thought I would put this here for anyone that might want to start watching the greatest web series ever.

Esther and Zelda are my heroes