The Music of Squaresville!

Due to popular demand, we’ve consolidated all our music links into one awesome document. Get ready to discover your new favorite band.

Teaser Trailer

B004F9SVXA by Now, Now


Neon for You by My First Earthquake

(Whoa Oh Oh Oh Oh) by Ascetic Junkies

Love Astronautby Murder Mystery

Until the Day Dims by The Woodlands

Episode 1: Nerds on the Run

Cala Cola by The Miracals (Formerly the Smiles)

Episode 2: Let’s Hang Out In The Tree House

Lazy Days by Everything All The Time


Blame The Booty: Titus Jones Remix By Leslie and the Lys (Leslie Hall)

Blame the Booty (Original version)

Episode 4: Sassy Girl Episode 5: The Hottest of Messes

Hey Little Bluebird by Natalie Anguili

Episode 6: I Don’t Wanna Wait

Behind Bars by Danna Richards

Episode 7: Shelly at Large

Alive and Ready to Die by Dave Days

Episode 8: I Know, Right?

Episode 9: Make Out City Episode

10: Tele-Marathon

Circuit Us by Driftless Pony Club

Episode 11: Before Supper

"Magic Hour Rundown" by Derek Muro

"A Borrowed Room in a Borrowed House" by Ampersand 

Episode 12: Cougarville