Outtakes from my shoot with Kylie Sparks. 

For now you get simply Kylie in all of her splendor (and chaos).  You can Esther later on down the line when this project is finished.  But we wanted to have some stuff that could be released before that.  So here you go, All Conference Squirrel and all.

Want more Kylie?  Check her out at the following links - including her assorted YouTube based web series:



These costumes, Zelda’s “Space Ranger” and Sarah’s “Space Ranger Gone Rogue”, were a collaboration between me, and the very talented Squaresville crew members Thu Tran and Bethany Richards. Bethany handmade Sarah’s lizard skin cape and did all the amazing hair and makeup which totally finish the look. Between thrift stores, H&M, and Ross Dress for Less, Thu and I pulled together the other costume pieces. I have mixed feelings about admitting that the bright blue monster was made from plastic tablecloths, a blue fur suit that was much too small for our actor and was thusly cut to pieces, and hot glue. In my bedroom, about 5 hours before I had to be on set. Part of what makes shows like Squaresville fun is the resourcefulness required to accommodate last minute script changes, location woes (or… last minute location changes—it happens), budgetary restraints ($5 costumes anyone?), and the many potential snafus inherent to filmmaking (especially of the DIY variety).