How did you get involved with Squaresville?



so i’ve known chrissie (sarah) for a loooooong time-we were in the same acting class for a while and she still worked at the studio i went to for a long time, and about four years ago, i got a facebook message from chrissie at 1am asking me what i was doing the next day and if i wanted to come audition for matt’s webseries (i knew she was married to matt but hadn’t met him at that point).  i went in the next day to audition and found out i was called back a week later (it was early early early in the audition process, like i was seen and called back/mix and matched with about four different zeldas at the time) and i didn’t hear for a few months minus one email from chrissie saying i was in the mix still.  my mom had a hip replacement around the time of my original audition, so most of my attention was focused on her and i didn’t realize anything was going on, so when i got an email from matt asking if i could grab coffee with him and sit to chat, i was like “oh, he’s probably breaking it to me in person because i know chrissie so well.”  he ended up offering me one of the best experiences i’ve had in my career at that coffee (after i scalded my hand on my tea.  casual burn on my hand for two weeks). :)