"Im sorta a nerd so i have to ask what kind of cameras and stuff do you use?"


We shot the series on the Canon 7D, with a set of Zeiss lenses (21mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm), a couple kinos, a bounce card or two and a basic grip package. As far as filmaking goes, it doesn’t get much barer. Most of our gear came from the fantastic ReKon Productions/Stray Angel houses, but you don’t have to have a fancy production house to make something great. Half the time we were shooting with natural light, and in every instance we were merely shooting with what we had. Don’t worry too much about your gear, just write a great script!

Can you give me [insert name]’s e-mail, phone number, and social security number?

Nope. If you need to book them for work, contact their managers. If you would like to stalk them, stoppit. Just try internet dating, dude!

Who is that awesome actor from the trailer/teaser/an interview I read/my google stalking?

I really need to update that About page, huh? Don’t worry, it’s next. Here’s the basics, though. Zelda: Mary Kate Wiles
Esther: Kylie Sparks
Percy: Austin Rogers
Wayne: David Ryan Speer
Shelly: Tiffany Ariany
Sarah: Christine Weatherup
Britton: Shannon Lawrence
Braedon: Tyler Sellers
Brittany: Lisa Frantz
Brett: Brent Schindele
Coach: David Greenman
They’re all pretty awesome, right?

When do you guys launch?

That’s a tricky question. When you’re an independent web show, (like we are), there are a lot of things that are out of your control. People book fancy jobs on other films or TV shows that pay them “Money” which they need to “live” or whatever, which makes our post schedule a little haphazard. I want to make sure that when we launch we don’t stop till the season is over. That being said, it’s looking like early March, which is pretty soon… so hold on to your butts.

How old are you lot? This looks great. Yes I am an outsider too. Always have been.


We’re in our 20’s and late teens. A relatively young group, as far as making a show goes. The cast is on the younger end of the spectrum, and the crew is slightly older. Squaresville is 100% independent, so that’s saying something.

If you’ve got a question, ask it here or on our facebook. The best questions will be addressed in our upcoming Q&A videos.