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Best of: Squaresville, Season One


I’m obsessed with Squaresville. It’s funny, it’s sweet, and it hurts real bad. Esther & Zelda are Enid & Rebecca in a world with Angela Chase to guide them and the internet to keep them occupied, and I love them for it. So, because I love Squaresville, and because I also love lists, here are my Top 10 Moments from season one of Squaresville:

10. “Only almost.” (1.10, Tele-Marathon)

Esther and Zelda spend the whole day talking on the phone together, only to end on a sweet, yet dark and poignant note. Zelda fondly recalls a day she and Esther played on the slip-n-slide. During her first turn, Zelda’s appendix burst, and she was rushed to the hospital. Esther reminds Zelda that she almost died that day, but Zelda emphasizes that it was “only almost.” Here we see how Zelda’s adventurous side has the potential to be reckless, which is something to keep in mind as the season’s arc progresses.


9. “Wow, you guys look like a catalogue.” (1.6, I Don’t Wanna Wait)

The highlight of Squaresville’s very own bizarro world episode comes courtesy of some perfect comedic timing on Tiffany Ariany’s part. While the episode was certainly played for laughs, it also serves as a reminder of everything Squaresville is not. It’s not Dawson’s Creek (or even the Amanda Show’s surprisingly sophisticated Moody’s Point parody). In short, Squaresville is not another teen soap. The characters are grounded in reality. And in reality, you don’t need to be considered a “freak” like Esther or Zelda to feel like an outsider. So thanks, Shelly.


8. Trash riot! (1.16, Too Cool for School)

I’m sorry, but does your hip independent teen web comedy have a slow-motion trash riot set to the Miracals’ “Give Me A Chance” ??? No??? Then keep trying.


7. “That’s how best friends are!!!” (1.7, Shelly At Large)

Esther: We’re on our periods!
Coach: Both of you?
Esther: That’s how best friends are!

And in that moment, I swear Esther was infinitely better than you.


6.“This isn’t a date, is it?” (1.12, Cougarville)

I don’t have much to say about “Cougarville” other than that I love it. I love the fact that it explores that first moment when the mutual friends become actual friends. I love the interplay between Kylie Sparks and Austin Rogers. I just Love it.


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