At long last, our Vidcon 2012 Lip Dub featuring Squaresville (and a bunch of our friends) is here!

SO: What’s the deal with this video? Welllllll it took us kind of a while (months) to actually get permission from Huey Lewis and all of the News to post this video (despite their laid back demeanor, they’re all very busy people). The kind people at HLatN INC. finally acquiesced, and here you have it: a vidcon video half a year too late. Still, it was fun to make, and I think it’s fun to watch, so go crazy, and get excited for Vidcon 2013. 

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Special thanks to:
It’s Alex Clark
The Wing Girls
The Fu Music
Sorted Food
Exotic Jess
Mystery Guitar Man
Sarah Penna
Evan Edinger
Christine Riccio
and everyone at our panel!

QandHey Ep. 2 is live now, everyone! Questions are answered, challenges are issued, fans are shouted-out. If you’ve reblogged us, tweeted at us, or facebooked us, odds are VERY GOOD that your name is in this video. So check out this month’s community video, and if you like it, or your name is in the video, show your support by reblogging.